Did you fall in love at first sight with Hobolite? Have you been dreaming of all of the gorgeous shots you want to capture with lights that are finally designed to be not just functional, but beautiful as well?

We're looking for professional photographers, videographers, and content creators to be reviewers of Hobolites! 

We value honest and candid feedback in our reviewers which is why we only do unpaid reviews with a product loan. 

You can become an Ambassador by regularly posting content to your social channels, tagging @hobolite and using #litbyhobolite. Relationships that prove themselves to be mutually beneficial are often converted into Ambassadorships which allows for special discounts and early access to new products. 

We wish we could collaborate with every artist who reaches out, however, we are limited on review kits.

If this sounds like something you're interested in we'd love to learn a bit about you and what makes you a good fit to partner with Hobolite using the form below.

Bi-Color LEDs

Hand selected for consistency, the COBs are among the best for color rendering with a color range of 2700-6500 Kelvin and boasting a CRI and TLCI of 96

Full Dimming Control

All Hobolite models share smooth and responsive dimming controls, including a 0% 'blackout' option allowing for continued control and adjustments without emitting light

NFC Touch Connect

Easy connection and control via Hobolite app allows for linking of multiple lights. Control individually, or as a group to create dramatic lighting scenes.

Fan Control

Whisper quiet fans are nearly silent while running. When the situation calls for complete silence, fans can be temporarily disabled with the touch of a button